EACPT 2011

Being uncomfortable inside of your own body is one of the worst feelings that any person could have. Having to go through easy day feeling uncomfortable with the person that you are as a result of the look of your body is not a battle that you should have to fight. Here are some solutions to improve your appearance.

1. Stop caring

To achieve true happiness, you must be truly content with who you are no matter what other people say or do. This can be the most rewarding method of self improvement but is also the hardest, especially if you work in an evnviromnt where it is important to appear profesional.

2. Cover it up!

There are numerous dermalogica skincare products and make up products to choose from on the market today that can do wonders for your confidence! You can also use shapewear to give you the body shape you desire.

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3. Stop it!

If it can be changed, change it! if you can loose that unwanted fat or gain extr muscle then motivate yourself! set an achievable goal and stop buying those food that you know are holding you back. Stop biting your nails & stop bleaching your hair, let them grow back stronger than before!

4. Treat it!

If the issue you have is more of a medical nature, go see your GP or seek a specialist. There are plenty of non invasive treatments to help imporve what your self concious about. Where its dark body hair, bad breath or even dentistry work, it can be expensive but these are issues that cannot be solved by will power alone.

5. Surgery

As a last solution, surger can be considered. It is the most expensive and without the propper motivation can be troublesome overtime. Cosmetic surgery requires a lot of upkeep and lyposuction requires you to keep the weight off once its gone.

In conclusion, its usually your mentaly attitude you need to change. Accept yourself for who you are and nothing else will matter.